Running a 5K

On August 4 our morning group run was 3.0 miles. Race distance. I think that means that this is no longer couch to 5K. This is 5K 🙂

I’ve been running without intervals since the last week in July. My heart rates are still decreasing, albeit slowly. Saturday I did a 4.25 mile walk at the exact same pace as my walk a few weeks ago. But my heart rate was down over 10 bpm. In fact, my peak heart rate Saturday was lower than my average heart rate the previous walk.

Last night was a 1.8 mile run. I ran the first mile at the same pace as the week before. I ran the final 3/4 at a pace almost a minute faster. While I still run slow, last night was the first run I had at a less than 13 minute mile. Go me.

Saturday was supposed to be a 3.25 mile run, but we ended up missing a turn (or 3) and going much longer. At 3.4 mile our coach told us to walk the last 2 blocks, but I could have kept it up. It was a slow run, but I ran for 50 minutes without stopping.

According to our original training schedule, our first race would be August 25. The race we were supposed to be in has been postponed to Sept 16, though. But that means I’m basically done building my base and I’m going to consider “C25K” done and a success.

That means this will stop being all-running all-the-time blog and back to other stuff. Or not.


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