Labor day cookout

There are 2 bridges within 3 miles of the house closed for the weekend so CalDOT can do … something to them. That means traffic around the house has been HORRIBLE this weekend. We decided not to subject anyone else to it, and spent most of today hiding in the house.

The summer has gone by so fast I can hardly believe it. We’ve done some grilling but not as much as I would really like to have done.

Today I decided I needed to grill yummy food.

Chorizo stuffed jalapeño peppers were the first thing I grilled. The filling was a mix of fried chorizo, minced red onions, queso fresco and a little salvadorian sour cream. I stuffed that into hollowed out jalapeño’s and then grilled it over some hot coals.

It was roughly equal parts sausage, cheese and onions with a couple tablespoons of sour cream. Chilled in the fridge then stuffed into the peppers. It’s like the tastiest pimento cheese ever.

Other than the fact the peppers were hotter than I expected it was really yummy.

For the main course, I raided the Rick Bayless cookbooks we have. Chili / lime marinated chicken breast done on the grill as fajitas and some fresh guacamole.

A very, very tasty dinner. Even though I really over cooked. But, hey, leftover really yummy grilled chicken. I see lunch wraps in my immediate future.


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