Rude awakening

Most of the cats are fairly respectful of sleeping humans. They just curl up and sleep until they notice a human is awake and then come visit for morning purrs and pets.

Momma cat has no such internal filters. Part of that is our fault, we’ve basically indulged her from the first time we saw her as a feral in the back yard. She doesn’t get that there are limits on behaviour. Mostly because there aren’t any on hers.

This means she comes and visits sleeping humans and will often nudge, sniff and purr hoping to get some petting. I think both of us have gotten pretty good at hiding hands from cold cat nose without actually waking all the way up.

This morning, though, the cat woke me up by STICKING HER WHISKERS UP MY NOSE. It still tickles, and that was hours ago. This was Not Fun.

When did we think having an adult feral was a good thing?


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