Experimental enchiladas

We’re kinda bad about eating all the veggies in our veggie box. Greens are the most likely to be not eaten before they go icky. I feel bad about it, one of the reasons we got the box is to expand our cooking. But, it is what it is.

Today’s box had a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard in it. I decided it was going to factor into dinner. Also in the house was a jar of enchilada sauce, tortillas, mexican sausage and cheese. Mmmmm… Enchiladas.

The filling was simple. Cooked and crumbled chorizo with half a red onion and some garlic. Once the onions were soft, I added the chard (washed and torn into pieces). I cooked it until the chard was wilted.

Then I assembled the enchiladas. Our cheese situation was different than I expected, and we didn’t have the amount of cheddar I thought. So I used a little mozzarella inside. In addition to the cheese I added a couple spoonfuls of chard and sausage mix, a little enchilada sauce and some refried beans. I rolled ’em up and put them in a baking dish. One all the enchiladas were rolled, I covered everything with more enchilada sauce and some grated cheddar.

The enchilada were baked at 350-ish until bubbly.

These were really quite good. Tasty, even. A very good use of greens. The nice bit about this recipe is that it’s not quite the tasty but heavy gut bomb that enchiladas can be. I can also feel like I’m feeding us healthy stuff, I mean greens they have to be healthy, right?

I thought when I was cooking I should grab some photos of the filling, but I didn’t. And, well, the enchiladas a gone now. But they were good and we will definitely be eating them again.


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