Moonlight race

Last night was the Palo Alto Moonlight Run. They let us run out on the levees after dark. It was bigger than my first run.

I guess since I haven’t talked about the first race I should talk about that. The race itself was organized by a non-profit in Menlo Park. It was pretty small, maybe 250 racers or so. It was also full of kids, which was kinda fun.

Our training group ran as a group and managed a time faster than my goal. I was really tight (particularly my hip flexors) through most of the run and that was a bit tough.

For the moonlight run it was the trail I’ve been running off and on over the last few weeks. So it was familiar. Tuesday of this week I did a training run out there and nearly cried through the last mile. It was hard, my back was sore, and it really sucked. I came back and emoted all over facebook about why was I doing this whole running thing anyway?

But last night the run wasn’t nearly so bad. I cut almost a minute off Tuesday’s time and was feeling much stronger, particularly in the 3rd mile. I also managed to do very consistent splits for the whole race.

I’m disappointed I didn’t run faster than my first race. But I’m pleased that I was able to run strong for the whole 5K. The stronger makes me feel a bit better about running, particularly after how disastrous the 5K earlier in the week was.

I don’t know if I’m going to keep racing. I don’t do well with competition when I’m not even close to being successful. “But you did it!” and “You’re racing yourself not anyone else!” don’t do it for me. I can race myself using my GPS / HRM combo and I don’t have the soul destroying experience of being passed by other runners.

Then again, there was an flyer for OctobeRun in Redwood city in a few weeks on the car this morning. And I thought about how much fun we had at the October fest there last year. Of course, I can go drink beer and listen to polka without running. But maybe running wouldn’t be so bad (and this one has a beer garden!)

I’m kinda amazed at how much my body has changed in 3 months. I have these leg muscles and my shape is different. I don’t think I’ve lost much weight but all my clothes are fitting much looser and I’ve even had to go down a size for my sports bra.

Maybe I’ll race again. Maybe I’ll just keep running. In either case, I have accomplished the initial goals I set for myself with this. I’m not sure what I’m going to do as it gets colder, although that decision can be put off as the forecast for the next week is 90’s/100’s in the Bay Area.

Overall, I think it’s a win. But I really wish I measured up better against other people. (Overly competitive? Me?)


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