Staying home on Black Friday

I generally don’t like crowds and the whole lining up in the dark and cold to fight hundreds of other people to get the one (or sometimes 2) really cheap electronic item doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. So it’s not like I was planning on heading out today.

There’s another reason to not go out today. Around 7 AM I was woken up by sirens. Lots and Lots of sirens. More sirens than that. Then the choppers showed up. There was a bad accident on 101 at the exit we use when headed south. It’s all over the news this morning and they’re saying 101 is going to be closed until early afternoon at the earliest. Two people were ejected from a van that overturned and one of them died at the scene.

The other way out of here is past the Ikea, which ties up traffic every weekend.

Looks like we are in for the day, I just can’t face the traffic that I’m seeing on the TV. Luckily, we have leftover duck, lots of vegetables and the opportunity to experiment with some food.



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2 responses to “Staying home on Black Friday

  1. What, no opportunity to go to Ikea and pick up some frozen meatballs and salmon?

  2. Laura Atkins

    If I want to go to get salmon and frozen meatballs from Ikea I can walk. It will probably be faster than trying to drive.

    And some idiots going south down 101 ran into the car in front of them while looking for the dead body and blood, so now there are accidents on both sides of the road.

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