Duck soup

Also known as “leftovers again??!?”

The duck has been in the fridge so it’s time to deal with it or toss it. With a carcass, what else to do but make stock? Duck carcass, scallion greens, garlic cloves and ginger. At some point I ran out of root ginger, so I used some crushed ginger out of a jar. Definitely not ideal, but you do what you’ve got.

I let the duck simmer for 4 or 5 hours, then made dinner.

I chopped some baby bok choy stems, some mushrooms and some carrot. I also deboned the duck thigh. All of that was added to the strained and simmering stock and cooked for a few minutes. I wanted the veggies warmed and softened, but I didn’t want to cook them too hard.

Meanwhile, I cooked some udon noodles and chopped some scallions. I also tore the leaves of the bok choy. I dropped the scallions and bok choy in a bowl, then added the drained noodles.

I topped the noodles and raw veggies with the stock and veggies.

Dinner is served

A little soy and some sesame oil to taste at the table.

Dinner. Yummy.


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