Merry Christmas

Generally we travel to visit family for Christmas. This year, though, we’re spending it at home. It’s quiet and low key.

Steve made fruitcake muffins a few days ago (need more brandy, but otherwise tasty) and we had those for breakfast.

We planned to just do a nice steak but got to the butcher’s counter and discovered a lovely 2 rib roast. Well, OK then, guess we’re having roast. We dry aged it in the fridge (following the directions of Alton Brown). The roast is currently on the counter warming up to room temperature.

I also bought a couple pounds of beef bones, which I roasted in a 350 oven for a couple hours this morning. They’re currently simmering on the stove top as a base for a gravy.

Sides are pretty standard: roast parsnips, brussels sprouts, green beans, boiled potatoes, yorkshire puddings. I’m thinking I’m missing something, but we’ll find it when we start prepping veggies. We’ll crack one of the nice bottles of wine the wine clubs have been sending us this month.

Breakfast was a couple of fruitcake muffins, coffee and bloody marys. Bacon hot sauce is a very nice addition to a bloody mary. Num.

Overall, we’re just going to hang out and cook a leisurely meal and spend some quiet time together. Despite the fact we work together and spend a lot of time together, sometimes we don’t get to actually just BE with each other.

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m gonna try and get pics of the roast (at least) but we all know I’m kinda bad about that. But I have pictures of the big Christmas dinner we made a few years ago.


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