Been a week.

It’s been a hugely busy week and we’ve been mostly eating up food in the freezer. Cooking big pots of chili or pasta sauce or soup and then freezing it makes weeks like this better. We get home cooked meals with only a little work to heat it up.

Tuesday I went to the Girl Geek dinner at Palantir. The first couple speakers felt a bit like a sales pitch for Palantir and a lot less about being a woman in technology. But the last speaker was a lot more about the challenges women face and how things have changed for the better.

Paraphrased, she said this is a marathon not a sprint. And that we have taken the baton from our mothers and are continuing on. She mentioned that when she first started in technology it was rare a week went by that some man didn’t proposition her. She also told the story of a recent event she organized: NGOs, CEOs, ambassadorial staff all at a dinner. And one of the CEOs assistants called her up and said “And I assume you will be responsible for taking notes at your table?”

She pointed out this was an improvement, but things weren’t perfect yet. She also said, similar to what the Intel women said, that you can’t let those kinds of bias stop you. You can get angry, you can get mad, and then (severely paraphrasing here) you put on your big girl pants and use that anger to be better than that.

It’s good to hear that. I greatly admire the women who are vocally feminist and who point out bias and sexism as they happen. I really do. But I don’t wonder if there’s not another place for those of us who fight sexism just by not quitting. Just by staying in that job, picking our battles and being a woman in the work force. Being a visible woman. Doing things. Participating. Refusing to take the notes and not automatically taking on all those business keeping tasks we’ve been trained men don’t do.

After Tuesdays’ dinner, I had the opportunity to experience how privileged I really am to work from home. I hit the store to pick up something for dinner around 8:30. My entire goal was to try and get something marginally balanced and healthy on the table before 9:30. This changes everything about how I shopped and meal planned. Want quick, warm, easy to cook… I ended up with pre-prepped bbq pork, rolls and some salad. So many people deal with this every day. It made it very clear how our eating habits (and the fact we do cook so much from scratch) is a luxury.

On top of all our normal stress it’s been a drama-full week. Friends having tantrums at and about other friends, a total fuster-cluck at an online message board I read, family stuff(tm), minor and trivial (but annoying) health issues and cats who think humans should wake up at 5am. I’m almost at the throwing a tantrum stage myself. Use Your Words! Stop Being An Idiot! What Planet Are You On? Yeah. Time for a tantrum.

I promise, less whinging, more cooking next week.


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