Running in the new year

I got bored / frustrated / done with running early in November. I just wasn’t improving the way I thought I should be and it was putting me in a funky headspace. So I stopped for much of Nov and December.

I picked it back up in January figuring I could “reset” and start over, with the benefit of starting over from a higher level of fitness (even though I’d lost some in the 2 month break). I even invested in Zombies, Run 5K training app to restart. I’ve been modifying the training a little, instead of walking and slow runs, I’m doing slow runs and faster runs. Interval training, FTW!

Yesterday I did my longest run since restarting, a little over a 5K. I’m feeling it this morning, that’s for sure. But not severely owie, just tired and a bit overworked muscles. It’s also a gentle ache from my ankle to my hip, so I figure my form was pretty good. After 7 runs this year, I am tracking about the same pace/distance my 7th week of runs last year.

I had to delete that run from my zombie log, though. I forgot to turn the program off and so it tracked the 18 miles I drove to get to a friend’s for dinner. OOPS. That 18 miles and 3.5 hour “run” was just screwing up all my stats, so I’ll just redo the run (probably tomorrow 🙂 ). But, I have the run (correctly recorded) on my garmin, so I can record the run in my giant spreadsheet and runkeeper.

I’m pretty pleased with how fast I’m getting my running mojo back.  I’m just hoping that starting from a bit higher level of fitness (like, I could run for 30 minutes at a stretch on my first run back) will mean that 3 months from now I’m not totally frustrated because I’m still very, very slow. Also when I started my goal was distance, and I kept increasing distance instead of backing off and doing a little less distance at a faster pace. I couldn’t maintain the pace for the distance, and was really petering out at the end. Now I’m running for time and working on pace, not worrying (too much) about distance.



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