Miso carrot soup

Steve made this, but it was so good I’d feed it to people who claimed that vegan food could never taste good. Because it was vegan and was incredibly tasty.

2lb carrots (big, tasty ones) sliced thin, 1 onion (diced), half a dozen cloves of garlic (crushed). Soften them in 2 tbsp olive oil, until they’re getting transparent, about 10-15 minutes. Add about an inch of root ginger, peeled and finely diced, and 32 fl oz (4 cups) vegetable stock and simmer for half an hour or a little more.

Meanwhile, cut 2 or 3 green onions into two inch long pieces, then cut them lengthwise into shreds. Pickle them in about 6tbsp rice wine vinegar, 2tbsp water, 1 tbsp salt & 0.5tbsp sugar.

Blend the soup with a stick blender until it’s smooth. Pull out a cup of soup and add 1/4 cup miso (I used red) and blend until smooth, then mix back into the rest of the soup. If it needs seasoning – it probably won’t – now is the time. Serve the soup in a wide bowl, pile some of the pickled green onions in the middle, then drizzle some toasted sesame oil over it.

Awesome with just some bread or pita. Awesome.

It was so very, very good. Like, better than that. I’m so looking forward to leftovers. (I’ve eaten so much I can’t eat any more.)


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