I don’t normally set resolutions. But that doesn’t mean I don’t set goals. Recently I set the goal that I was going to stop letting the kitchen get so bad that it took 2 cycles of the dishwasher to clear enough space to actually cook.

I’m pleased to say that over the last few weeks this has been a success. And, in fact, it’s become a habit to deal with the kitchen and the dishes. I’ve decluttered many of the kitchen drawers over the last few weeks, among other projects

It’s February and so I’m undergoing my fairly normal seasonal depression. This tends to make everything seem just such a challenge. Getting out of bed? It’s a challenge. Work projects? They’re a challenge. I’ve been desperately hoping that organizing my space will help soothe my mind and lower my stress. It’s not, really. But I have much cleaner spaces in the house which makes it a little easier to tackle the next space.

There is so much more to do to make the house presentable. I’ve been taking on some smaller projects that give me a cleaner space and that’s helping me at least see some progress. OTOH, there are some big projects that need to be done (the office, the garage and the master bedroom closet) but all of those have mostly shared stuff, so that needs to be cooperative but I’m not sure either of us are in a good headspace for cooperative right now).

This weekend I was going to clean our kitchen bookshelf and pull off all the non-cookbooks. But then I looked at it and decided it was somehow symbolic of our lives (being a mixture of textbooks, computer books and cookbooks) and I wasn’t sure I was ready to get rid of that.

I should start running again. Monday. Hah.


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