Running update

I picked up running again in January. Then stopped in February for a variety of good (and some not so good) reasons. Last Friday I went out for a run that was pretty awful. My pace was slow, my heart rate was really high. All in all, I was so focused on just getting it done, I ignored quite a few warning signs.

I paid for it, though. About 20 minutes after getting home I started getting a headache. Within an hour it was a full blown migraine. Another hour and I was counting down to the time I could take more painkillers and wondering if a hammer to the head would make it better.

Seriously unfun Friday night. Most of the pain was gone by Saturday morning, but I wasn't exactly feeling good. Call it a headache hangover.

The worst part was it really made me loathe to actually go out and run again. “Avoid migrate triggers…” is great advice. But it meant I wasn't real into trying again.

I decided I'd do another run today. I budgeted myself 30 minutes, decided it was not about pace or speed or anything more than just going out and putting feet to pavement. I drank multiple pints of water before heading out, took a multivitamin and two 'vitamin I' as I left the house. When I got back I had some nuun water and another pint of water.

I'm happy to report that while I have a minor headache, it's nothing compared to Friday and it may even just be stress from today not running induced.

It really wasn't a hugely successful training run, but it did convince me that running wasn't always going to result in a day and a half recovery. I'm thinking things were bad when I set out. My heart rate on Friday's run was really high, even compared to today. And today I cut quite a bit of time off my pace from previously.

New things learned from this:

  1. Watch the heart rate. If my heart rate is high even when my pace is slow STOP RUNNING.
  2. Drink before a run.
  3. Drink after a run.
  4. Don't run when angry.

I am glad about the time change, though. I can run after work and not have to worry about being out alone in the dark. It feels stupid and overly cautious, but I just do not feel safe running in the dark.


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  1. Glad you’re feeling better about what’s fueling, or destroying your run. I’ve learned that I have to drink my water at night. Nothing worse than getting halfway through a run and having to pee. 🙂

    Great post! 🙂


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