Sunday Sangria

One of these days I’ll come to terms with “to busy for words” is our state of being, not just a temporary existence. You’d think after 10 years, I’d get that. Maybe I’m just in denial.

Yesterday, though, we headed out to Half Moon Bay for lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing. It’s one of our favorite “beach” restaurants. We had a great table looking at the harbor and watching the tide go out. After lunch, we headed out down the beach towards pillar point.

Wow! I had no idea there was that much beach there. And so many happy, happy dogs playing in the surf and chasing each other and getting tired out. We followed the path around and ended up on the far side of Pillar Point just about at peak low tide.

TIDE POOLING! Neither of us were really expecting to go tide pooling, so we didn’t go very far out. And I’d managed to hurt my thumb cooking on Friday and was being overly protective, so I don’t have many pictures. But it was a lot of fun and I’m so ready to go back again.

Today we hit the farmer’s market for some steak and the fixings for a steak dinner (fingerling potatoes and spring asparagus). And some blood oranges (my current fruit fixation).

Looking at the amount of citrus we have in the house AND the leftover half bottle of wine we made sangria this afternoon.

1/2 bottle of random wine (Goats do Roam in this case)
1/2 blood orange sliced into thin rings
1/2 lime sliced into thin rings
1/2 apple cored and sliced into thin rings (are we sensing a pattern here?)
Mix everything together in a jug.

Let sit for a while.

Add in a glug of brandy, a glug of raspberry spirits and a squeeze of honey.

Mix and serve.

Quite a pleasant drink for a lazy (hah! Steve’s actually working, I’m handling emails while plotting to make marmalade next weekend with a bounty from the farmer’s market) Sunday.


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