First attempt at marmalade

One of the downsides of doing the NoBo running class last year was that we didn’t get much opportunity to go to the Farmer’s Market. Saturday’s I was up at an early hour to go run with the group, and then on Sunday, I was more interested in lounging in bed than getting up and going shopping. Yes, there are actually multiple markets on multiple days within a 5 mile radius of here.

We started heading out a few weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was ORANGES. So many oranges. Initially we were just getting blood oranges and then using them as a margarita ingredient. Last weekend, though, I decided I wanted a bit of a project and decided I wanted to make marmalade. I found a process on EvilMadScientist and decided to give it a try.

We headed out and got 10 pounds of Valencia oranges.

Washing the oranges

After washing them, I peeled the skin and then sliced them.
Slicing the oranges

I ended up chopping about 8 oranges (maybe 5 pounds) and dumping them in our heavy Staub pot. I added just enough water to barely cover them (7 cups), then simmered them for about an hour, stirring about every 15 or 20 minutes. After they started to cook down, I added 7 cups of sugar and then kept cooking.


I cooked to 220-221 degrees and then put the mix in clean canning jars. This is where it got a little weird. The temp hit 215 and sat there for about an hour. The temp would just would not get above that. I think, honestly, I overcooked it, as the resulting jam is incredibly thick and almost dry. Tasty, but thick and closer to fruit leather than jam (oooh, I just had a thought of marmalade balls covered in dark chocolate… but that’s another post…).

Eventually it did get to 221 and I jarred it and processed it.
Finished product

I’m ruling it a qualified success. It tastes great, the texture is just a little off. But as it was my first attempt at any kind of jam, I am reasonably pleased. I’m not sure if the texture is due to too much cooking or too much sugar or too much pith. Must do more research.


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