It works!

The cats have been horribly anti-social in the bedroom in the morning lately. Hissing, swatting, growling, just generally being horrible to each other. It’s been so bad Valeria has totally stopped sleeping on the bed, and she’s been a bed cat since we first stopped locking the ferals in a cage for bedtime. I think the scratch across her nose that took weeks to heal may have had something to do with her abandoning of the bed, but it made me sad my foot cat wasn’t around.

Last week I decided to get some Feliway. I know a lot of people use it and have success with it, but I’ve always been a little suspicious of how well it worked. The claims seemed a bit out there, much like many of the homeopathy claims. But the label claimed there was a real active ingredient and so I thought I’d give it a try.

I installed the diffuser in the bedroom yesterday. Last night, Valeria slept on my feet. This morning Grover came up to visit and Momma Cat did not start a fight. Neither of us had to play referee. We had three mellow, relaxed, happy cats with us. The difference was amazing. I am so sold.

I was noticing a difference, but didn’t say anything. A little while later Steve says, “that stuff really seems to work.” Totally unscientific, but we both noticed the change.

I’m now considering getting one for downstairs to stop Amelia and Valeria from fighting when the food bowl starts to get even slightly empty. Except that it amuses us to watch the slapping.


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