Bristol Photo Walk

We had a family emergency that necessitated an emergency trip to the UK at the end of April. Not quite how I wanted to spend the first 2 1/2 weeks of May, really. We budgeted 2 weeks to accomplish all we needed to do, but managed to get all of it done in 10 days. Our options were to move flights forward, or actually spend a couple days doing touristy things. We decided to do touristy things.

First up was a day in Bristol. We stayed at a lovely little B&B right in the heart of Bristol. On Monday we wandered through town and down to the docks. I took a ton of pictures of boats and the docks and the harbor. Initially it was grey with a light drizzle, but it started clearing up around 11.

ss Great Britain We visited the ss Great Britain, the first iron hulled ship ever. It was a pretty amazing example of engineering. The ship itself was really neat and a marvel of Victorian engineering. But the lengths they’ve gone through to preserve the ship is also amazing. The ship is parked in a dry dock, with the lower hull separated from the air by a glass roof. There are massive dehumidifiers and air exchangers inside that keep the air dry enough to stop the ship from rusting.

School kids We spent about 2 hours wandering under, on and inside the ship. There were a couple school classes there, including one dressed in period costumes. They were so adorable, I had to get a couple shots of them.

After we finished at the ship, we walked up to the Bristol Cathedral. By this time the sun was shining brightly and I got some lovely shots of the inside
Bristol Cathedral Main Altar

and outside.
Outside the cathedral

By that point the stress and jet lag caught up with us and we went back to the room and napped for a few hours. Then we found cocktails and some Indian. It was a very nice, relaxing day out.


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