Why did it take so long?

Despite being foodies, we tend to not buy lots of kitchen gadgets and appliances. We’ll always invest in knives (although I think we’ve finally gotten to almost the point where we have all the knives we want / need), but some of the more “common” appliances took a while.

Take our Kitchen Aid. I knew I wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer, but wanted on with actual metal gears and that meant going up to the pro line. We finally did get one, during the going out of business sale of the Expo up by our house. I don’t use it all the time, but most of my bread is at least partially kneaded in the mixer. I also use the pasta roller and grinder attachments reasonably frequently.

Our most recent purchase though was a rice cooker. OMG, why did we wait so long to get one? I make edible rice on the stovetop, but the rice cooker makes it SO MUCH BETTER. And it’s so much easier: rinse, put in the pot and hit the button.


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