Short and sweet

The last 2 days I’ve made it out for short (20 minute) runs. I’m feeling a bit sore in the quads today, so I’m going to take today off then go out this weekend.

The short runs seem less intimidating than longer runs. For one thing I don’t have to commit to 90 – 120 minutes (between prep, running, and cleaning up afterwards…) each run. It’s half that, which doesn’t feel so oppressive in terms of time.

The short runs are also not leaving me feeling totally wiped and DONE afterwards. In fact, they’re kinda fun and I almost wish I wasn’t feeling a little sore today ’cause I could go out.

Baby Steps. I did 23 miles in 11 trips in January, but haven’t managed to get near that for mileage or trips in the months afterwards. I’m pushing that as my goal for this month. 23 miles, at least 11 days running. Seems like a tiny goal on one level. Seems unreachable on another. But, if I post it here then it will be public and I’ll at least have to make excuses to readers, right?

# Runs: 2 (Goal 11, 9 remaining)
Mileage: 2.74 (Goal 23, 20.26 remaining)

(Edited to fix my math. Let’s go shopping!)


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