June Running goals: update

It seemed so simple, 2 weeks ago to set goals for the month. “Easy peasy!”

And then I managed to get stupid busy at work and did something to my leg and now I’m nearing the end of the month and wondering if I’m going to make what seemed like a simple, minor goal. Then last week I realized that I had only done half my runs, and barely half my goal mileage. That spurred me on a bit.

I have 3 runs and 5.5 miles left. I’ve done 2 5K runs and a 3K run in the past 5 days. I’m giving myself 2 days off because while my cardio is good on recent runs, my leg muscles are crying. Wednesday, Friday and next Sunday, minimum 1.8 mile runs each and I’ve met goal. Should be doable.

Just for record keeping:

23 mile goal. 17.44 completed. 5.46 remaining.
11 runs. 8 completed. 3 remaining.


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