Did it.

With a bit of heavy lifting at the end of the month, I made it. 11 runs, 23.5 miles. 

The last few days have been really hot for around here (88 – 90+). I’ve been actually running early in the day to get in the runs. 

What did I learn? Well, goals are good. There are more than a few days I would have blown off a run except I’d publicly said I was going to match what I did in January. And I did.

July goals? 28 miles. Roughly 7 miles a week. That’s a little less than my biggest week in June, but that was a tough week. If I figure 13 runs, then that’s a little over 2 miles a run. It’s also just under what I did last July while I was in training. (That was 18 runs, 34 miles)

I kinda feel like I should replicate last July, rather than setting lower goals. But, I’ll be honest, right now that looks terribly daunting. I guess, though, goals you know you can meet are not real goals, right? 2 goals? Easy goal: 13 runs; 28 miles. Hard goal: 18 runs, 34 miles. I’ve added goal tracking to my spreadsheet, so I don’t have to do it here or on FB. 

The other thing is I need to foam roll more often. Much more often. Maybe even today. 


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