Fledgling season

I came home from getting my hair cut today and Steve says, “Don’t let the cats go out, Grover caught a bird.” Uh… what happened to the bird? “It’s outside in the back yard.”

I go out and see no baby bird. YAY! Cat didn’t kill the bird. There are two very loud, very angry dark-eyed juncos in the back yard, though. They’ve been in the yard for a while. We’ve even caught them fighting the hummingbird for territory. They really yell when Grover’s in the yard (gee, I wonder why…).

The bird seems to be OK, so we open the back door. Valeria goes out and the birds start yelling again. Loudly. Angrily. They eventually chase her back inside. Yes, our 12 pound cat got divebombed by 12 ounce birds, and lost.

We go out and see the fledgling hop/flying down the side of the house, closely monitored by its parents. Back to keeping all the cats inside.

I’ve seen the parents feeding the fledgling, so *fingers crossed* that the baby survives the night. We have feral and pet cats around so even though we’re keeping ours in, there’s no guarantee that the other local predators are not around.

A couple quick web searches tells me that juvenile juncos fledge very young (9 – 13 days old) which tells me they grow up really fast. This bodes well for the lost little bird. If it can survive the night, I think it will do OK. The birds outside are quiet at the moment, and have stopped yelling at me for grilling.

Never a dull moment around here. I am trying to cook at the moment, but will try and get some pics tomorrow.


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