Nice Try, Aetna

Sooo…. Aetna wants us to lock in with them as our Small Business health insurance provider before October first. Our insurance agent called me this morning, then sent me email telling me it was urgent that I sign a document before Oct 1. This document basically commits us to being Aetna customers through 12/31/2014, but gives them the option of “refactoring our rates.”

I did a little research.

It seems that the Small Business Exchange pricing goes live in CA on October 1. AMAZING coincidence, don’t you think? That Aetna is pressuring us to commit to them through 2015 before we’ve seen the exchange rates.

This tells me the exchange rates are going to be better than what we’re paying now, for probably better service. And, well, if they’re not, we can just jump over to the individual market. That will save us over $1000 a month if we switch to a “silver” plan. The “silver” plan being better coverage and lower co-pays than we’re getting now.

I bet Aetna wants me to commit for another year.

I don’t think so.



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