Mini vacation

Mid September we took a few days to visit Yosemite. 2 days we “camped” at Housekeeping camp and 2 days we stayed at the Ahwahnee Hotel with Steve’s mum and Mike. Had an awesome time, took a billion photos. I’m slowly processing and uploading the photos  to Flickr.

On our way there we drove through some of the worst destruction from the Rim Fire. Moonscape

Burned out ridges, and denuded hills as far as the eye could see. There were rangers at the overlook where we stopped who pointed out that the area we could see was only about 1/5 of the fire area.

As we kept driving, we entered Yosemite and drove through an area that had burned some years before. Just inside Yosemite, we see recovering fire damage

It was interesting to see how the area would recover, eventually. Fire is so destructive and so scary, but is so necessary for a healthy ecosystem.

New growth


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  1. Yours are the first photos I’ve seen of the obliteration of the forest from the Rim Fire. I hope you enjoyed yourself in spite of the fire.

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