October 1st politics

I don’t often write about politics here, but posted this over on FB a little while ago. Yeah, I feel strongly enough about this to post it here.

We can get platinum plated, better than we’re getting now health insurance on the California exchanges for 700 a month less than we’re paying as a small business.

This is freaking AWESOME.

The fact that people can actually get decent health insurance on the private market is great for this country. When we started our business we could just barely afford health insurance at $500 dollars a month. Over ten years that ballooned up to almost $2000 a month. And this was without us having kids or any serious pre-existing conditions. This last year our health insurance cost us almost as much as our mortgage, and we have a house in the Bay Area.

The massive cost of health insurance was a major drag on our business. We couldn’t competitively hire people without providing insurance. That was an extra $12000 a year per employee that we had to budget for. That made hiring just too expensive to contemplate. But now, we can hire. We may be able to provide full insurance coverage (the small business exchanges aren’t up yet). But even if we can’t employees can get decent insurance on the exchanges and we can subsidize or pay for that.

I’ve seen other people commenting that they now can leave their jobs and start businesses because their families won’t be stuck without insurance.

This is a great day for the US, for jobs and for progress.

Now, if we could just get the house to USE THE VOTES THEY HAVE to pass a clean spending resolution, the US might have a chance to move forward.


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