Happy New Year

2013 was a year full of changes and challenges.

The first half of the year was spent dealing mostly with family stuff and the repeated trips to the UK just seemed to make the first few months fly by.

Then after that we started looking at business growth, improvements and changes. This is paying off a little now, but should really pay off in coming years.

On a personal level, it was a year of growth. I did meet my running goals, and then promptly got lazy. I’m setting monthly running goals for 2014 because it seems that if I have goals set I actually meet them. But if I don’t actually write them down, they’re not real so I don’t.

I don’t really do resolutions, but I do set goals. Last year was mostly business related, and I managed them. Working for yourself it’s always a challenge to stay focused and not just goof off and every year I set goals to be more focused and “work harder.” I’m pleased to say that I have made improvements and progress again this year. Next year I hope to keep doing this. Business-wise I want to get some more reference docs / white papers out. I also want to be a bit more consistent with blogging than I was last year. Yes, I’ve written 1200+ posts over 5 years, but last year blogging got put off more often than I’d like.

Personally, I want to keep running and have a 200 mile year. I’m want to continue the grand decluttering project. I want to get our financial house in order. I’d want to have more of a social life. I’m not really sure what that looks like, though – it may be finding some shared working space to force us out of the house regularly, it may be monthly get togethers. Still working on the details. But now it’s out there so I can’t just blow it off.

Happy new year everyone. May 2014 bring you everything you want. Here’s hoping it’s a better year than 2013.



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