Sick Grover inspired pot pie

It’s not a big deal, but he seems to have an ear infection that has severely messed up his balance. He’s staggering around, listing to the right and falls over whenever he shakes his head. The vet found fluid in his ear and bacteria and yeast on the smear. He’s on antibiotics and I’m sure he’ll be feeling better soon. But he’s really not feeling good right now.

To make it worse we are putting drops in his ear, feeding him something in a syringe that smells like bubble gum but that he is convinced tastes like poo and we won’t let him go outside. He’s unhappy and stressed. I’m unhappy and stressed.

What happens when I’m unhappy and stressed? I cook comfort food.

Tonight is chicken pot pie loosely based on this Bobby Flay recipe.

I pieced a chicken and put the carcass, wingtips and organs (minus the liver) with carrots, onions, garlic, celery, herbs and a little vinegar in some cold water. It’s been simmering most of the day and the house smells wonderful. I just want to drink the stock, forget any of the actual pot pie.

I made a butter and suet crust pastry loosely based on this recipe and the pastry recipe from Bobby Flay.

1/2 cup of beef suet, 1/2 cup of butter pulsed with  2 1/2 cups of flour + black pepper and fresh herbs. Then water until it forms a ball and chill.

I’ll strain the stock in a little while, and poach the chicken breasts in the stock, slice and layer in a dish. Then I’ll cook some random veggies in the stock and add them to a dish. Then I’ll fry up some onions, garlic and mushrooms in butter, use those as the base for a chicken gravy. We have fresh thyme so I’ll use that as a flavoring and season with stuff.

Once the filling is assembled, I’ll top it with the pastry and bake. Then. Dinner. Probably with one of our good whites from Bonny Doon.

Aaah. Comfort food. Not just in the eating but also in the making.


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