Green chili enchiladas

Total cheat tonight, using a packaged enchilada sauce from Frontera.

I poached the last of the chicken bits (2 legs and 2 wings) in some of the stock I had leftover from yesterday. I added some oregano, an ancho chili and cumin to the stock. When the bits were cooked I pulled them and let them cool. Then I softened some onions, garlic and sweet peppers in butter. Again with the ancho, this time some powder, and cumin. I also added a handful of frozen corn.

I let the veggies cook until they were soft. Then I added some flour. Once the flour was cooked, I added a little of the stock and made a light gravy. Then I mixed in a handful of cheddar and made a cheesy, chicken sauce. Note to self: try this in a soup at some point with chicken and green chilies.

For the enchiladas I rolled some of the poached chicken (now off the bone and chopped into bite size pieces) and some of the cheesy vegetables in flour tortillas. Into our little baking dish the rolls went, to be topped by the green chili sauce and a lot of cheddar.

They’re in the oven now. We’ll pull them out when they’re bubbly.

Here’s hoping they’re tasty.


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