The mighty hunter

6 or so years ago, just about this time of year, a skinny, sad tomcat showed up on our back fence. He was very loud, extremely skinny and seemed to have decided our backyard was the right place to starve to death. Being the people we are, I was not going to let him starve to death in the back yard. We started feeding him, and discovered he was not feral. He was quite content to be petted and quickly moved into the house.

He’s never been much of a hunter, his nearly starving to death as an outside cat made that clear. But, he’s brought us animals on very rare occasions. There was the baby opossum he brought us more than once (we got to watch the poor thing grow up, almost…)

This morning he brought us … a squirrel.

Coincidentally, we had a vet appointment this afternoon to recheck him after an ear infection. We took him in because his balance was off and the vet found a possible infection. 2 weeks of antibiotics and he’s much better.

How much better? HE CAUGHT A SQUIRREL!

Time to get a bell for the cat.


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