Then this happened…

It’s not like last week was a low stress week anyway. I started a major new project at work and spent 2 full days interviewing client employees. Then we had the first 90 degree days and discovered the AC was non functional. Happily, the repair company could get out and get it fixed the day after we called.

About 6 hours after the AC repair guy left, we were eating dinner and Steve jumped up and ran into the living room. I followed and there’s water leaking out of the ceiling. My first thought is that something else was wrong with the AC. But then he ran upstairs and there’s standing water leaking out of the bathroom and there is about an inch of water on the hallway carpet.

The supply line into the toilet had broken and was spewing water everywhere. We got it shut off and started sucking up water. 2 hours later we were still sucking up water out of the carpet. There wasn’t standing water and the carpet was just damp, so we set up fans, turned on the AC and decided to see what it was like in the morning.

In the morning things were still wet. We called a specialist, got FLIR pictures of the damage and a quote for drying out things. He was back that afternoon to set everything up. They pulled the floor in the bathroom, part of the floor in the laundry room, lifted the carpet, took out part of the drywall in the dining room, removed all the baseboards and drilled holes in the walls. Then the fans and dehumidifiers came in.

Yesterday they came to check on stuff, and the bathroom and most of the upstairs walls were dry. The subfloor under the carpet was still a little damp, but they pulled 2 upstairs fans. Downstairs everything but the ceiling was dry. Not only that, our ceiling is basically hollow, so they set up a heated fan with a duct to the ceiling pushing air up there directly.

Hallway upstairs

The upstairs hallway. The two fans are blowing between the carpet and the pad to dry things. There’s another fan in the laundry room and one in the front bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom

The bathroom with a heated fan blowing air under the vanity to make sure that’s dry. You can see the subfloor.

Living room

Downstairs in the living room. The red fan is blowing up through a tub into the ceiling / subfloor. The giant silver thing is a portable dehumidifier. There are 3 other fans pointed up at the ceiling.

Dining room

The window under the bathroom with drywall and insulation removed.

The house is VERY dry and noisy. I’ve had an ongoing headache between the dryness and the white noise. I’ll be glad when more of the fans disappear today.

The cats are all out of sorts about this. Momma Cat got out yesterday morning (we think through the front door while the contractor was here) and didn’t come home until after 9. I was a bit worried about her, even though I know she’s competent and comfortable as an outdoor cat. I was afraid the stress was too much for her. I didn’t need to be, but still…

Grover is mad, and spent all of yesterday and the day before upstairs in our room. We even took him food because he wasn’t moving. And every time I’d go check on him he would explain, in loud and yowl-y detail how much this ALL SUCKS.

Valeria and Amelia are pretty blasé about this. Amelia spent the whole day the contractors were here banging and drilling and sawing curled up in her bed downstairs POINTEDLY ignoring everything. Valeria hid behind the desks but has generally been OK with it.

So that’s been our weekend. Next up, finding a restoration contractor. And, of course, since we’re getting linoleum replaced in the guest bathroom, the linoleum in the master bath is totally crap and well, then there’s our tub which isn’t *quite* bit enough for 2, even though we have the space. And OMG, are we insane? We’ll see.


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