We went out last night to see if we could see any of the Camelopardalids meteor shower. Our first step was out to the Baylands park in Palo Alto. We were sitting in the car (old people star gazing tip: ragtops are awesome) waiting for our eyes to adjust and a few cars showed up. I was closing my eyes every time. At one point I hear “are you looking for meteors” and I yelled back “well, we’re TRYING to.” I decided not to add the “because people keep shining lights at us!”

Then I hear, “well, ma’am, the park is closed after dark.”

Ooops. Thing is, I didn’t think we were technically in the park. But discretion, valor, that whole thing. We left. I’m just glad I didn’t get all snarky about the bright light he was shining at us.

We then drove up to Arastadero. It, too, was closed. But, there was some space to pull off the road and park. There were 3 or 4 other cars and a bunch of kids in PJs watching too.

Sadly, there didn’t seem to be many meteors. But it was nice watching the sky and listening to all the peepers.


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  1. alsohuey

    The news sites were saying “peak time 2AM eastern”. We’d waffled all night on whether or not we were going to try to go see. Around 12:30, she says “I might be awake enough to drive for an hour”. I says “I might be awake enough to drive BACK, but if we leave now, I’m going to fall asleep in the car.”

    Dog woke us up three times in the night. The fourth time (around 9AM) we put her in the backyard and went back to bed. And then it was 1PM. So, yeah, maybe we were a little tired for that…

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