Lacto-fermenting vegetables

We went to the farmer’s market this morning and picked up some vegetables to try some fermenting. We went to a talk at the last Maker’s Faire talking about how easy it was to ferment stuff, so hey! why not.


Steve made me a bubbler cap for a wide mouth jar. I bought some plastic tops a while ago. He drilled a hole in the top, added a stopper and a bubbler we picked up at the local brewing supply store. The final setup is tidy and gives us an environment to keep mold out of my fermenting carrots.

Now that we have the setup, I made some brining liquid. I used this page as a guide. 20g of salt in 1L of water. I used water out of the fridge, which is filtered, and then heated it in the microwave.

Next up, what was I going to ferment? The farmers market had some great looking carrots (big, chunky, lovely carrots) and some cabbage.


Fermented garlic carrots

2 carrots, peeled and cut into strips.
4 garlic cloves, peeled and left whole

Everything packed into a jar, then covered with the brining liquid. I sealed the jar, and it’s happily sitting on the counter waiting for biology to happen.


ProtoSauerkraut The ratio I had was a pound of cabbage + 5g of salt and then topped off with brine (because cabbage is self-brining). Not sure I did it exactly right. I packed a large jar with cabbage (a little less than a pound) and added 3 – 4g of salt. Then I topped with the 2% brine solution. I covered all the cabbage with the outer cabbage leaves, then put one of the plastic tops on. This will need to be “burped” daily so that C02 doesn’t build up and explode.



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