Overboard at the farmer’s market

Ran out this morning to hit the farmer’s market. So much good, good stuff. The biggest challenge is actually not buying everything in sight. I suspect we’ll eat everything this week, but only if we gorge ourselves on fresh veggies.

I don’t menu plan very well, but here are the things I picked up and some recipe ideas.

Fresh, local wild salmon. OM NOM NOM. I got a pound, so there’s probably 2 meals in here. Nothing fancy, just pan seared with some salad.

Mushrooms. baby shiitakes and creminis. Probably use in stir fries this week.

Cucumbers. Persians from my favorite local farmers (Happy Quail Farms) and when I say local I mean I have to drive farther to get to the the farmer’s market than the farm. I also got some of their house made Peperoncini made with their padrone peppers.

Long beans and baby bok choi. Stir fries all the way! Possibly some udon soup.

Tomatoes. Small tomatoes, not big ones. First of the season so I’m not expecting too much. But I want the tomatoes to be good! I want it!

Basil. Currently acting as a bouquet on the counter. Smells so very, very good. Pesto? Tomato salads? Bruschetta with the herb slab bread? All sound yummy. And I did get some mozzarella yesterday.

3 pack of berries. We’ve got a bunch of stone fruit (nectarines and pluots from the last box) but I couldn’t resist the berries. Dessert this week will probably just be berries.

No corn, but we’ve had corn almost every meal for the last 2 weeks (and the corn people weren’t there) so I thought I’d take a pass on that.

I love summer fresh foods. I love winter stews and soups and bakes. But I love fresh summer vegetables.


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