A little restraint

I went way overboard at the farmer’s market last week and we still have a bunch of vegetables left over. I fought with myself about going this week. I really, really wanted some cucumbers, tomatoes and corn. But we still have so much in the fridge. And we’re getting a box this week. And… and… but I really wanted cucumbers, tomatoes and corn.

The thing is (and here’s where I go into justification) I just can’t get the same quality of corn, cucumbers and tomatoes at the store. There’s just too much travel involved and these veggies are more sensitive to travel than lots of other things.

So I went to the market this morning. And I really only did get corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. OK. I did hit the bakery on the way home and get apple fritters for breakfast. They were really tasty.

We’re going to grill tonight. Hot dogs with pretzel buns and grilled corn. We’re also going to taste the sauerkraut that’s been sitting on the counter fermenting for the last 3 weeks.

Summer. YUM.


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